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DH Systems is a diamond related software that Daniel Horowitz  has  developed throughout many years for  the

exclusive use of IDH Diamonds, the diamond trading and consulting company he founded together with his brother Isi.

For now Daniel Horowitz is no more active as a diamond trader. He can therefore freely share his computing

experience and skills with the trade in an unprejudiced way.

DH Systems  is made available to the diamond community as a standalone product. It is designed to meet the

requirements of  rough and polished diamond trading and manufacturing in a comprehensive way.

DH Systems is an integrated package that covers specific diamond related features such as sorting, but also Credit /

Debit  accounting facilities, contacts management, a built-in electronic price book for automatic prices assignment, weight

discrepancies checking, cost tracking, bar-code generation, labels printing, security features, etc..

It  is a global managing tool that addresses key requirements of diamond trading by providing a follow-through

management technique for diamond inventories.

The most complex processes of mixes and splits can be reconciled back to an unlimited level of generations.

Throughout endless mixes and splittings the relative cost of every stock item is maintained in sync with its initial cost

price. The Stock Tracking System is a state-of-the-art solution for a problem that almost every diamantair has to deal

with. Keeping records of mixing and splitting parcels, changing valuations, selling parts of parcels, canceling sales

and reintegrating goods in the inventory can be a nightmare for uncompromising stock controllers. The Stock

Tracking Systems removes this concern for good in a robust and transparent way.

How does it compare with other diamond software?

Some existing diamond software may have colorful interfaces whilst actually providing limited stock management

functionality. As opposed to this, DH systems is a fully-fledged stock management engine. It  has been continuously

enhanced with features developped on behalf of major mining companies that required critical capabilities such as

the Stock Tracking System .

Why is it more affordable than other diamond software?

DH Systems is a private initiative that does not rely on substantial marketing endeavours. Its was originally developed

for IDH Diamonds, which in turn provided  its expertise to world class diamond producers such as Rio Tinto

Diamonds, BHP Diamonds and other parties.

In addition, DH Systems is easy to install. No special equipment is required. It can function on a laptop computer as

well as or on a large network. No SQL nor dedicated servers are required. The data can be stored on any kind of

hard disk or on a USB stick. In case of hardware crash DH Systems can be migrated to any standard computer within

minutes. Last but not least, DH Systems is extremely fast.

Try it out

The trial version is intended to give diamond traders a glimpse at the DH Systems potential. It will

function for a limited amount of time, after which a subscription will be required.  

The usage of DH Systems is subject to a royalty based on the number of users

Active support will be provided to subscribers through the Internet.