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After selecting a stock number to split you are prompted to enter its descendants with their respective weights, prices and

other specifications. The first parcel has by default the specifications of its ancestor as a starting point, but it can be


Override weight tolerance means that the system will perform the split regardless of the percentage weight tolerance you

have defined.

Allow single descendant  A standard split should amount to two or more descendants, but in some cases you may want

the stock number of a given parcel to change. A typical example is when a single rough stone is turned into polished.  The

polished stone becomes then a descendant from the rough stone and has a different number.

This feature can also be used to keep a record of price or other changes.  For example, if the user decide to change the

specifications of a parcel of diamonds but wishes the system to remember these changes, than he can create several

generations of the same parcel with each time different specifications.

Get Price: fetches the price in the Price Book. If it finds a corresponding specification of the current stock number then

updates it.

Pbook: this does the same as Get Price, but on the entire selection, as opposed to the current number.

Import: At times you may want to prepare polished splits with a spreadsheet such as Excel or a text processor such as Notepad, and then

import it into DH Systems. Below are the conditions in order it to work.

The fields must be in following order:

Weight      #(Stones)  Price  Att   Brand  Size1  Size2   Col1  Col2  Clarity1  Clarity2  Shape  PB

The number format must be general. Now commas between thousands (2000 and not 2.000)

The file must be saved with as a comma delimited file with a CSV or TXT extension. The content must be pure text.

Dtat sample as viewed with Notepad:








Stock - Parcel Splitting

The screen shots hereunder display the results of splitting a given stock number, bpth in rough and polished.

The lower part of the form can be exported to an external file or sent to the Stock Random Selection screen for further


The entire split can be canceled as long as all components remain in stock.