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The Stock Update form is a complex tool that is central to many operations. It is the area where details of a given stock

number can be updated, but it is also a management tool that allows navigating in the stock along unlimited  generations of

mixes and splits. Here are some of the key features :

Get Price: fetches the price in the Price Book. If it finds a corresponding specification of the current stock number then

updates it.

Track: tracks down all descendants of the current parcel and displays on screen a summary of their situation to date.

Labels: prints stickers for physical parcels with specifications and bar code of each stock number.

Status: clicking on status button or field triggers information about the situation of the current stock number. If status is

SPLIT then the descendants are displayed. If status is SOLD then the sale form is displayed. If STATUS is MIXED then the

current stock number switches to the container of the mix. If status  is HOME or in consignation then nothing happens.

Log: This features records changes  of the current stock number, together with the identity of the user. who made the


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