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DH Systems is an integrated software package that includes specific diamond related features, Debit and Credit

accounting facilities, contact management, a sorting module and an electronic price book that automatically assigns

prices according to built-in specifications.

DH Systems is a global managing tool that addresses key requirements of diamantairs. It provides a follow-through

management technique for diamond inventories where the most complex processes of mixes and splits can be

reconciled back to an unlimited level of generations. Throughout the never-ending stock history, every stock item can

be tracked back and have its initial cost price recalculated.

DH Systems covers many  areas of operation of a diamond business, accessible through menus and sub-menus along

 a logical pattern. Moreover, there are multiple  bridges and links between the various operations that allow for jumps

between related actions without having to go back to the main menu.

It is important to go through the many options and to train before starting to use the program in real life, as the system

is built in a way that almost everything is linked to everything. A diamond business  that intends to use DH Systems

should require an employee to go through DH Systems exhaustively before implementing the program. This person

should acquire an understanding as to how to optimize the program for the various areas the business.

There are many features, going  from stock control down to accountancy issues. However, the look- and-feel of all

modules is based on a common logic, so much so that an employee from one area of responsibilities can seamlessly

switch to another area once he is familiar with the overall concept.

The navigation bar on the left of this screen contains links to key areas of DH Systems. Every Help screen contains

shots from the operation it points to. A textual explanation is present wherever  needed, but no superfluous  

information is present where screens are self-explanatory. For example, as a Save button has an obvious function,

So there is no verbose addition.


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