Stock Random Selection includes many features. It is a place where you can arbitrarily select stock numbers and decide
to perform
mass-editing operations. Some features are self-explanatory, some need clarification:

Save: unless save button is pressed, no data changes on screen are permanent. One of the functions of the Stock
Random Selection
is that it allows to make simulations and export them without actually modifying current data.

Ratio: this calls a dialog box that requires a percentage figure. Clicking OK will increase or decrease the price of your
selection by this percentage. Clicking Ratio with no figure or zero will restore the original price.

Out: sends the selection to the consignment program where it can further be processed in order to put the selected stock
numbers in consignment to a third party.

Get Price: fetches the price in the Price Book. If it finds a corresponding specification of the current stock number then
updates it.

Pbook: this does the same as Get Price, but on the entire selection, as opposed to the current number

Serie: this allows you to retrieve consecutive stock numbers between two selected numbers.

Labels: this prints stickers for physical parcels with specifications and barcode of each stock number.

Mix: sends the selection to the mixing utility

Sell: sells the entire selection to a given customer.
Stock - Random Selection